About us

The ePSIplatform is a European Commission (DG CONNECT) initiative with the objective of promoting a dynamic Public Sector Information (PSI) and Open Data re-use market across the European Union.

This portal highlights:

  • news on European PSI and Open Data developments;
  • legal cases surrounding the re-use of PSI;
  • good practices and examples of new products and services created through Open Data re-use.
  • events, workshops and webinars around Europe.

The ePSIplatform now covers many different themes, including Science and Technology, Health, Transport and Environment, amongst others. This makes it easier and faster for users to explore and discover content.

About PSI

Public Sector Information (PSI) or Open Government Data is the single largest source of information in Europe. It is produced and collected by public bodies and includes legal data, economic/financial data, digital maps, geographic information, meteorological data, digitalised books, statistics, and data from research projects.

Most of this Open Data can be re-used or integrated into new products and services that we use on a daily basis, such as car navigation systems, weather forecasts, and financial and insurance services.

Opening up this data has great social and economic potential. It can be utilised in new and innovative ways, by combining information from different sources, making mash-ups and finding new applications. This can add value, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.