‘Algorithmic regulation' – could data be the death of politics?

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A recent essay published by Tim O'Reilly, an influential technology publisher & venture capitalist based in Silicon Valley, has sparked a debate into whether a new data-based approach to governance (algorithmic regulation) could lead to the demise of government as we know it.

Tim O'Reilly

With the ‘smartification’ of everyday life already seeing much of our daily behaviour being captured and analysed, O’Reilly asks whether it is necessary to continue with our current unempirical approaches to regulation, and explores how technology can assist in evidence-based and results-oriented policy interventions.

In a recent article published in the Guardian, journalist Evgeny Morozov approaches the topic with some trepidation, exploring how “By assuming that the utopian world of infinite feedback loops is so efficient that it transcends politics, the proponents of algorithmic regulation fall into the same trap as the technocrats of the past …Silicon Valley's default answer to the how of politics is what I call solutionism: problems are to be dealt with via apps, sensors, and feedback loops – all provided by startups.”

You can explore the topic in more detail and access the article in full by clicking here.