Call for Papers: Trust and Open Data

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COMPSAC is an international forum for researchers, practitioners, managers, and policy makers interested in computer software and applications. For the 2012 edition a workshop on Trust and Open Data is planned.

This 1st IEEE International Workshop on Methods for Establishing Trust with Open Data, is currently inviting authors to submit original papers that are relevant to both of the two fields: open data and trust research. Contributions from the following list of topics are especially welcome:

Open data provenance
- Information quality & trustworthiness
- Attribution and integrity of information
- Transparency and verification of information flows
- Smart data

Expressing trust
- Modeling trust in data-centric applications
- Trust representation and derivation from open data
- Attestation for data services and operations

Open trust management
- Trust management in the semantic web
- Management of reputation and user ratings
- Community-based accountability
- Trustable recommendation systems

Privacy preservation
- De-identification of data
- Anonymous authentication
- Escrow services
- Criticality assessment for data sets

Deadline for paper submission is on 15 March.

Call for Papers: Trust and Open Data