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CC Asia Pacific publish spring newsletter.

Taiwan & Philippines: 5 June 2010

Creative Commons Asia Pacific has published the spring edition newsletter. (34 pages)

The Editors welcome message states:

“As with the first issue, the news and stories in this newsletter are prepared by the Creative Commons' many jurisdiction projections in Asia and the Pacific. Some of them previously appeared in the jurisdiction projects' web sites. Some articles, however, were written especially for this newsletter. We also take the liberty to include in this issue several important news from the Creative Commons web site such as the news about the catalyst grants program, as well as some updates from Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

You will notice that many of the articles included here are released under the Creative Commons Licenses. CC Licenses make our job as the editors of this newsletter much easier. We simply selected and aggregated, with proper attributions, these articles from their sources!

As English is not the primary language in many a jurisdiction in this region, as editors we are especially grateful to the many contributors for their efforts in preparing their articles in English. Some of the articles are especially translated for the current issue. We wish to thank Jessica Coates, Kelsey Lancaster, and Michelle Thorne for their kind help. The editing of this newsletter has been done by the staff and volunteers at CC Taiwan and CC Philippines.”

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