Check Into The Norwegian Data Hotel

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The Norwegian Directorate for Administration and ICT has opened the Norwegian 'data hotel'. This is a free and easy way for public sector data holders to publish their data without the need of investing in their own infrastructure.

On top of that the software behind the Data Hotel has been made available as well, so anyone can take the code and create their own data hotel. This makes it possible for other public sector bodies, or other organisations, across the world to re-use the software. You can download the software (with a GNU GPL license) at GitHub.

In a blogposting on the data hotel is explained as:

"The hotel aims to solve one of the major problems that many data owners face; data owners have a dataset which they wish to release, but lack the knowhow, tools or resources to release it.

In three easy steps the Open Data Hotel guides the user through:

  • Extraction of data from a proprietary datasource
  • Describing the data with standardized metadata fields
  • Publishing the data in machine readable formats"

The Data Hotel team is eager to hear you feedback. They can be e-mailed at or find them on twitter @datahotell

The Data Hotel was presented during last week's Open Government Data Camp in Warsaw. Slides with screenshots of how the software works were shown, and are embedded below.