Constructive debate at the ePSI Platform workshop in Budapest

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The ePSI Platform workshop took place at the premises of MTA SZTAKI (W3C Hungary) on October 2, 2013. The event brought together international experts on open data and Public Sector Information (PSI) to discuss the opportunities and challenges of open data (re)use in Europe, and particularly in Hungary. The workshop enjoyed the active participation of representatives of the European Commission such as Márta Nagy-Rothengass, Head of Unit “Data Value Chain” DG CONNECT and Szymon Lewandowsky, Legal/Policy officer DG CONNECT, as well as several representatives of multinational organisations such as Nikolaos Loutas of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Márta Nagy-Rothengass explained that data used intelligently can create new business opportunities. She also explained that according to a study carried out by the OECD, 140 billion EUR could be generated if Public Sector Information (PSI) were better used. The new version of the European Union Open Data portal is to be launched shortly and the European Commission is very keen on promoting further technological developments and actively encourages the adoption of legal and policy infrastructure.

Martin Alvarez Espinar, head of the ePSI Platform advisory board, went on to say that governments should be committed to openness and that public information should be provided in machine readable formats so that it can be further reused.

On behalf of W3C in Hungary, András Micsik presented the work of MTA SZTAKI and briefly introduced the service which is built on 11 million triples of cultural data sets. In a panel discussion, different cases of the status of PSI in Europe were presented by Phil Archer, member of the ePSI platform advisory board along with Michal Kuban, National ePSIplatform Correspondent of the Czech Republic, Szymon Lewandowsky, DG CONNECT and Emilio Garcia from the Spanish government.

A second panel on the status of PSI in Hungary followed, featuring Sandor Lederer of K-Monitor and Gabriella Ivacs of the Central European University. Both speakers explained some of the difficulties that they encounter when they attempt to use open data in Hungary and highlighted their willingness to work more with Public Sector Information.

Zdenka Zubcic from Tenderi doo in Croatia also spoke about the difficulties of getting access to public data in Croatia and asked for more collaboration with other European countries to overcome these barriers. Zoltan Varju, a computational linguist from Precognox, shortly presented his company's work with data and explained that openness is already a great achievement for their work .

Nikolaos Loutas gave an informative and detailed tutorial on how to reuse open data which also covered topics such as publishing linked data, licensing and data lifecycles.  The event ended with a concluding speech by Martin Alvarez Espinar.

All the presentations showcased in this workshop are available for your information and reuse via the following links. You can also watch the video recording from the livestream. 


Open Data in Europe - Márta Nagy-Rothengass

Open Data in the Sciences in Hungary - László Kovács and András Micsik

Aporta: Enabling take-up of PSI reuse - Emilio Garcia

Open Data Initiatives and PSI Reuse in the Czech Republic - Michal Kuban

Revision of PSI Directive - Szymon Lewandowsky

Empowering the Reuse of Open Government Data Across Europe - Nikolaos Loutas

On behalf of the ePSI Platform, we would like to thank the speakers, W3C MTA SZTAKI, and everyone who attended the workshop physically or virtually for making this workshop a constructive experience that promises to foster more Data Openness in Hungary in the near future.