Danish Roadmap For Basic Registries Release

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Following the major announcement yesterday by the Danish government on opening up the public sectors basic registries for free public re-use, a roadmap has been published explaining the announcement in more detail.

The Roadmap explains the rationale for the decision, a more detailed explanation of which data is involved, and a timeline for the realization of the entire project. Find the roadmap in our report section for download and embedding. Core aim of the plan is to reduce internal transaction costs and double work in the public sector as a whole, while simultaneously providing the public with a valuable resource for growth and innovation.

From a PSI re-use point of view these are the important milestones in the Roadmap:

  • January 2013: free acces to all geographic basic data, i.e. cadastral map, Danish elevation model and map data including watercourses
  • January 2013: general data from the central business register and company register freely accessible
  • Mid 2013: building and dwelling register available as web service
  • 2014: Data from the company register on company owners and authorized decision makers freely accessible

Denmark's Basic Data Register Road Map

(original source by Danish Digitalstyrelsen)