Dataconnexions competition awards best Open Data uses for tourism

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The award ceremony of the third Dataconnexions competition by the Etalab Mission and numerous partners took place on Monday 24 June. The awards recognized the best uses of public data, especially those in the service of tourism and economic development around tourism.

The six winners of the competition were: is a portal that helps learners to drive by finding the best driving school near them and better preparing them for the exams.

  • Special Jury Mention: Cap 133

Local law requires every provider to publish an annual list of contracts awarded by them, but these publications are not coordinated with each other and are difficult to access.  The Cap 133 project is on a mission to collect these public data and convert them into a common format before making them available on the internet.

Enigma is a vast collection of public data, coupled with a search and discovery. Users find facts hidden across disparate data sources and partitioned links. It is a web search application and an API for data integration to third party applications.

Handistrict seeks to create a mapping of accessibility in France. All types of public buildings are represented: hotels, restaurants, museums, public buildings, theaters, etc… Accessibility is assessed for all forms of disability: motor, auditory, visual and mental.

  • Category "Tourism" Tranquilien

Tranquilien is a transport application that lets you know in advance how full the trains are, allowing travellers to choose the one that will be the most comfortable. This smoothes peak hours and gives transport operators useful planning information.

  • Category "Tourism" Tourism Connection 04

The "Tourism Connection 04" is an information system that produces open data "default" and a border approach to build a "New Digital Territory". The project is led by the Tourism Development Agency of Alpes de Haute-Provence (France) and the Agency for Local Tourism to Cuneo (Italy).