Digital Agenda Assembly Program

Digital Agenda Assembly Program

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Registration and the program for the Digital Agenda Assembly June 16-17th are available now.

Brussels, 07 April 2011

(by Ton Zijlstra)

The Assembly for the Digital Agenda for Europe is taking place on June 16 and 17 in Brussels. Registration is now open, and the program has been announced. The Digital Agenda Assembly will address progress made on key element of the Digital Agenda, as well as the progress made on the so called Big Ideas. The Big Ideas were the result of the Stakholder Day in October 2010, and communities of interest have been formed around each one, taking it forward.

"The main objectives of the Assembly are to:

  • Assess progress to date on delivery towards the Digital Agenda's goals and actions and seek ways to improve delivery;
  • Identify challenges ahead for the implementation of the Digital Agenda and for the information society in general;
  • Mobilise stakeholders' actions to make further progress and address challenges.

The European Commission has therefore invited a broad range of participants from industry, the research community and NGOs, as well as representatives from Member State governments, and the other EU institutions to assess progress in meeting the targets of the Digital Agenda."

On of the Big Ideas is "Beyond Raw Data: Public sector information, done well". A workshop on open data and PSI re-use will take place on the first day of the Digital Agenda Assembly.

"The workshop will bring together stakeholders to help the Commission develop its strategy for open data for the EU, taking into consideration the review of the Public Sector Information Directive (Digital Agenda action 3). Governments are increasingly recognising the benefits of making their data open and reusable. The wide availability of Public Sector Information can be a key driver to develop content markets in Europe, which can generate new businesses and jobs and provide consumers with more choice and more value for money.

The workshop will build on the results of, a multi-stakeholder initiative initiated by W3C and ETSI which is holding a first workshop in Brussels on 10-11 May 2011."

If you post about the Digital Agenda Assembly on Twitter and other social media sites, please use #daa11eu. There is also a separate hashtag for each workshop. For the workshop on PSI re-use, the hashtag is #daa11psi

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