Dutch City Launches Data Platform

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First of its kind in the Netherlands. Code to be released in April.

The city of Enschede released a data publishing platform last weekend during a local open data hackday, making it the first city in the Netherlands to do so. Various other Dutch cities, like Enschede, already had pages containing links to some data sets or released data in the context of competitions. This platform however comes with a functioning publication process, and is part of the city's IT architecture. The release of the platform is a beta release, while the city is working with the local open data community to improve the amount of data available and find possible issues in using the interface. The data publication platform is part of the implementation of the Open Data motion, the Enschede City Council adopted in the spring of 2011.

The publishing platform has been build using PostgresSQL and the Ariadne CMS, and will be released as an open source package, so other municipalities may use it, on April 19th.

The platform connects the city's back office systems to a data server that holds the data to be published, which is updated daily. From that data server data sets are published, offering re-users various data formats and methods to get the data. Unique and predictable URLs are used, so re-users can get the data the way they want it with one call to the server.

Enschede Data Portal

The 47 datasets currently published come with descriptions, clear licensing (mostly Creative Commons BY, which only requires attribution), description of methods and response fields, as well as QR codes and example subsets of the data in various formats.
The number of datasets released by the city is expected to rise, as the city's Information Management department is working through a 'wish-list' of data sets provided by the local open data community.

Open Data Portal Enschede