Dutch Gov Responds to EC Proposal

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In a document sent to Parliament the Dutch Government responds to the proposals by the European Commission on the PSI Directive and its open government data strategy.

The Dutch government welcomes the proposals, stating that current standard Dutch policy towards PSI re-use actually goes further than the Commission's proposal. Also the EC's steps to lead by example are welcomed.
At the same time the Dutch government announced it is against the extension of the PSI Directive's scope to include cultural heritage data.

While subscribing in general to marginal cost charging for data access, it will also seek to maintain the exemptions regarding charging policies for several government bodies (cadastre, trade register, vehicle register, statistics office, and the Ministry of Defense's hydrographic service). This even though in recent months several steps were taken to alter the pricing models of two of these public bodies (cadastre, trade register). At the same time the Dutch government signals that to in order to create a unified market, it may not be advisable to leave it up to Member States to define their own exemptions.

The Dutch government is against creating an independent body for complaints and redress, saying such independent arbitrars do not exist in the Netherlands governance structures.

The European data portal is welcomed, but the Dutch government says it wants to avoid a centralized pan-European data portal, favoring a federated and distributed solution that re-uses the content of existing national and local data registers, which leaves the data in the hands of the data holders.

The full text (in Dutch) is available in our report section, as well as available from the Dutch government's announcement website.