The PSI Scoreboard

The PSI Scoreboard is a ‘crowdsourced’ tool to measure the status of Open Data and PSI re-use throughout the EU. It does NOT monitor government policies, but aims to assess the overall PSI re-use situation, which includes the open data community's activities. Learn more about the methodology and how to update it.


The PSI Scoreboard is a crowdsourced initiative in 'beta’ version, which will be evolved based on your feedback.

The data is compiled using a combination of internet search and local experts helping us in filling out the scoreboard. Naturally, using a network of experts, there are margins of appreciation in assessing the indicators. Also, circumstances change, and countries and communities evolve at both re-use and at facilitating re-use. Precisely because of this, we welcome any feedback on the PSI Scoreboard (see already received feedback). If you feel we can improve the data, please get in touch with us by sending us a message through our contact form indicating the value(s) to change and the objective rationale.

Measurements and scoring

The scoreboard measures 7 aspects of PSI re-use (see full indicator description):

  • Implementation of the PSI Directive (based on 2 indicators)

  • The practice of re-use (based on 6 indicators)

  • Formats (based on 4 indicators)

  • Pricing (based on 3 indicators)

  • Exclusive arrangements (based on 3 indicators)

  • Local PSI (based on 3 indicators)

  • Events and activities (based on 4 indicators)

A country can score up to a 100 points on each of these 7 aspects, for a total of up to 700 points. A country will only be able to score 700 if they have an impressive track record in the field. Since the PSI scoreboard is directed at the state of play in Member States, a lot of the current indicators are based on national policies, laws etc.

You can check the full list of indicators, and the data that feed the visualizations. Feedback on either data or indicators themselves is also welcomed. Although we cannot promise to change the indicators on short notice, data will be updated in less than a month.

Play with the data!

All the data that are in the scoreboard are available for download and re-use on an online spreadsheet. The data are published under CC-0 license. This means you do not have to do anything to be allowed re-use, however, the ePSIPlatform, the EC and other parties cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions in the data.

We need your help!

We kindly ask your help in improving this dataset. If you encounter a point where improvement is possible please use the commenting section below. You can also send us a message using the contact form to reach us. This is how you can help:

  • Access to data on the online spreadsheet.

  • Look at the specific worksheet for your country (as a tab) to see the detailed scoring and the rationale for each score (and keep an eye on the full description of each indicator)

  • Write down the data points you think need to be changed plus any pointers to supporting evidence

  • Let us know your feedback

We thank each and every person that have been helping us to collect data for the scoreboard thus far!