First Data Journalism Meet-up Berlin

First Data Journalism Meet-up Berlin

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Since the Government 2.0 Camp last month activity around PSI re-use in Berlin is rising. Data journalists now plan to start meeting regularly, on November 4th for the first time.

Berlin, 26 October 2010

In the past months the attention for 'data driven journalism', where the public service information that is becoming more and more available for re-use is taken as the basis for journalistic work and visualizations, has visibly increased with the theme popping up on mainstream conferences, as well as multiple meet-ups between hacks (journalists) and hackers (coders). The UK newspaper Guardian is a leading example, and there's also the newly launched open data blog of German newspaper Die Zeit. In Berlin, additionally, since the Gov20Camp at the start of the month, it seems energy for open data is rising as well: after a regular meet-up around PSI re-use in Berlin, there is now the call for the first of a 6-weekly meet-up of those interested in data driven journalism.

The first Berlin data journalism meet-up is set for November 4th, and the second meet-up for December 9th.

"We would like to invite you to the first regular data journalism meet-up. From now on we want to meet every 5 or 6 weeks with 10 to 15 people to discuss data driven journalism. Our proposal is to dig deeper into a certain theme each time, and afterwards exchange stories and examples of data journalism in an informal setting.

In this first meeting, after a short introduction round, the theme will be Scraperwiki. The first meet-up is on November 4th, 18.30-20.30hrs at the Uberblic Labs. (The second meeting is planned for December 9th)"

"Wir möchten zum ersten unserer regelmäßigen Datenjournalismus-Treffen einladen. Ab jetzt wollen wir uns alle 5 bis 6 Wochen mit 10 bis 15 Leuten über data-driven-journalism austauschen. Unser Vorschlag ist, jedesmal ein Thema vertieft zu behandeln und danach in lockerer Runde aktuelle Beispiele von Datenjournalismus zu diskutieren.

Beim ersten Mal soll es nach einer kurzen Vorstellungsrunde um das ScraperWiki gehen. Das erste Treffen ist am 4.11. von 18.30 bis 20.30 Uhr bei Uberblic Labs (der 2. Termin ist vorraussichtlich der 9.12.)"

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