First ePSIplatform Trailblazers Awarded

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As announced earlier, the first ever ePSI Trailblazer winners were announced at our ePSI Conference 2012 on 16 March in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Trailblazer title was awarded to European PSI re-use innovators who have built exciting new applications around public sector information in four sectors: parliamentary data, procurement data, traffic data and cultural heritage data.

While we had an impressive list of candidates with highly interesting and sometimes even visionary applications to choose from, ultimately the following winners were selected:

More on the winners can be found on our Trailblazers page. Each of the winners was presented with an official certificate during the award ceremony at the conference. More importantly, they were given the opportunity to present their plans and ambitions for the future, and to ask the European PSI community for assistance in reaching their goals. Over the next few weeks, the ePSI-team will be looking at how we can help them in finding this assistance.

We once again congratulate the winners, and will be in touch with each of them very shortly to see how we can help them to make an even bigger impact in the future!

In the video you see the presentation of the Trailblazer 2012 certificates at the ePSIplatform Conference 2012 "Taking re-use to the next level!"

Announcement of 2012 ePSI Trailblazers from ePSI platform on Vimeo.