First Presentations LAPSI Conference Available

First Presentations LAPSI Conference Available

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In the follow-up of the LAPSI Conference on May 5th and 6th, the first presentations are becoming available on line.

Milano, 9 May 2011

(by Ton Zijlstra)

Last week Thursday and Friday the LAPSI Primer and Conference took place. LAPSI is the thematic network on legal aspects of PSI. The first presentations that were given are now being shared on-line and are embedded below.

The Primer-presentation by Rufus Pollock of the Open Knowledge Foundation, in the session on Perspectives of Open Data Communities, titled "Community Openness and Technology"

The Primer-presentation on Linked Open Data in Italy, by Dr. Christian Morbidoni

The Conference-presentation also by Rufus Pollock "PSI: Costs and Benefits of Openness"

When more presentations will appear we will point to them.

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