German Geo-Data Report

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The Advisory Board for Social and Economic Data (Rat SWD) has published a report on geo reference data in Germany, which includes recommendations on how to address weak points in the geo data infrastructure and on how to better use the potential of the data for science, policy and administration, as well as for the public. The report was presented to deputy-minister Cornelia Quennet-Thielen of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

This report is a further step towards making more geo-data available, next to the launch of last month, which gives an overview of available geodata from the various levels of government, for the first time.

The report recommends the following:

  • Work on a clearer options for data protection when geo-referencing data
  • Adopt a marginal costing approach for private and scientific use of publicly funded data
  • Use simple and standard licenses
  • Create more transparency in which geo-data is available from where, for private and scientific re-users, as well as administrative bodies themselves.

The full report (in German) is available, as well as the original press release by the ministry.