Global Open Data Hack Day Succesful

Global Open Data Hack Day Succesful

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Groups in no less than 73 cities on 5 continents took part in a global day of working on open data re-use.

Vancouver, 8 December 2010

"I'm floored" are David Eaves first words in his post reflecting on the international open data hack day that took place on December 4th 2010 (see our earlier announcement). In a mere 5 weeks after suggesting that maybe it would be a good idea to have different groups in different cities work on open data, or improving the way data sets are available, his idea snowballed with in the end 73 cities right across the globe hosting local events around open data, in conjunction with the Random Hacks of Kindness weekend.

In a growing list of 18 cities thus far projects resulting from the one day event have been reported back in the wiki that gives an overview of all activity that took place.

But those projects are not necessarily the lasting valuable output of the event. Ton Zijlstra in his blogpost about the open data day in his hometown of Enschede (Netherlands) points to the release of local government data and community building as most important output: "For Enschede the Open Data Day was a great success for two main reasons. First of all it meant that a first wave of 25 datasets now has been released by the city. Second we have brought together almost 20 local people interested in open data who weren't aware of each other before. This is a significant step in creating more momentum locally. Of course we also built a few things."

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