International Workshop on Open Data, Nantes

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A scientific workshop on open data is being held in Nantes on 25 May. The Call for Papers is open, and the deadline for submissions is 29 February 2012.

From the event website:

Call for Papers

"Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered for publication in any other forum."

"WOD-2012 aims at facilitating new trends and ideas from a broad range of topics concerned within the widely-spread Open Data movement.

Provided that Open Data is at the heart of the submission, a non comprehensive list of topics of interest is as follows:

  • Big Data Management
  • Data Management in the Cloud
  • Web Data Integration
  • Linked Data and the Semantic Web
  • Data Science and Data Analytics
  • Social Web
  • Data Privacy
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Curation
  • Data Provenance

Every submission that jointly covers one or several of the above topics is warmly encouraged. The content of submissions is expected to meet the standards of international conferences and workshops. Vision and position papers are specifically welcome."

General workshop description
"The 1st International Workshop on Open Data (WOD), to be held in Nantes, France, on May 25, 2012, is one of the very first events that stresses new and exciting challenges offered by the emerging field of Open Data. It aims at facilitating new trends and ideas from a broad range of topics concerned within the widely-spread Open Data movement.

While being most commonly known from the recent Linked Open Data movement, the concept of publishing data explicitly as Open Data has meanwhile developed many variants and facets that go beyond publishing large and highly structured RDF/S repositories. Open Data comprises text and semi-structured data, but also open multi-modal contents, including music, images, and videos. With the increasing amount of data that is published by governments (see, e.g.,, or, by international organizations ( or and by scientific communities (,, GenBank, IRIS or KNB) explicitly under an Open Data policy, new challenges arise not only due to the scale at which this data becomes available.

A number of community-based conferences accommodate tracks or workshops which are dedicated to Open Data. However, WOD aims to be a premier venue to gather researchers and practitioners who are contributing to and interested in the emerging field of managing Open Data. Hence, it is a unique opportunity to find in a single place up-to-date scientific works on Web-scale Open Data issues that have so far only partially been addressed by different research communities such as Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Management, Distributed Systems, Data Privacy, and Data Visualization."

The ePSIplatform supports this event, and team members will be present.

International Workshop on Open Data, Nantes