Invitation to data portal managers: join our expert group, do our survey!

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Are you a government data portal manager? Join the survey Jeanne Holm ( and me ( have created, and share information with other data portal managers on the choices you've made. Join up with other data portal managers so we can share information, as well as learn from each others experience!

During the Open Government Data Camp on 20 October 2011, Jeanne Holm ( and Paul Suijkerbuijk ( led a workshop about sharing experiences and ideas on open data portals. It was attended by a number of data portal managers from different countries and by others planning to set up data portals in their own jurisdictions.

There was a widely held view that it would be useful to share information about data portals and how they were implemented among data portal managers themselves, and the participants at the workshop helped design a questionnaire that can be used to gather, share, and re-use this practical information among data portal managers.

This will allow data portal managers to get information about the setup of data portals in other countries or jurisdictions, and so to make useful contact among the community of data portal managers.

We hope that as many as possible of the data portal managers around the world will contribute to this. So to start sharing information about your own data portal, please fill in the questionnaire on and forward it to others who could also contribute to the knowledge base.

The results will be published and shared online.


Paul Suijkerbuijk
Jeanne Holm