Italian Open Data License!

Italian Open Data License!

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With the introduction of MiaPA (my government) in Italy, the first version of an Italian Open Data License has been put to use.

Rome, 25 October 2010

The Italian ministry for public administration and innovation has announced the launch of MiaPA (my government), which combines social media and interaction with a list of all public services in Italy (100.000 addresses).

Part of the release of the database with these addresses is the very first use of an Open Data License in Italy, granting "free and cost-free access to the data to extract, reproduce, and re-use the data by any party for any purpose".

The Italian Open Data License, V0.1 is open for feedback, is compliant with Creative Commons 2.5, and the Data Commons.

A video of MiaPA and how it works:

Screenshots of 1) the terms and conditions on the PSB address dataset that is based on the Italian Open Data License, v1.0, and 2) the license text itself.