JISC Calls for Open Metadata

JISC Calls for Open Metadata

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UK based JISC calls upon educational and cultural institutions to provide open access to all their metadata.

London, 11 July 2011

(by Ton Zijlstra)

JISC, an organization in the UK working to bring innovative use of digital technologies to the UK's colleges and universities in order to maintain a high quality level in UK education, has called upon all educational and cultural institutions to release their metadata for re-use.

From the press release:

Unlocking the descriptive information or metadata about digital content, articles, books and research is the key to making it more useful, according to the JISC-funded resource discovery taskforce as it embarks on a new programme of work.

If all UK metadata was made openly accessible, the taskforce says, then the resources themselves would be more visible and it would be easier to build innovative new ways for researchers, teachers and students to explore the resources.

Twelve national organisations have signed up to a new set of open metadata principles (pdf) and now JISC is inviting all publicly funded organisations including universities, colleges, libraries, museums and archives to make the same commitment.

Signing up means that organisations are committed to supporting the principles and looking for opportunities to carry them out in whatever they do – whether this is building new ways to present unique collections or in contributing to national shared services for managing collections.

Rachel Bruce, innovation director of the digital infrastructure at JISC, said: “JISC advocates wide and easy access to resources for use in education and research. The new work programme called Discovery along with the open metadata principles underpin an approach that will help drive an innovative infrastructure and make sure that the UK’s future researchers and students can more effectively access and use content resources.

Among the 12 signatories are the UK National Archives, the British Library, and JISC itself. “We are already supporting the implementation of this open metadata approach within JISC services.”, Rachel Bruce said.