London Mayor Announces Transparency Dashboard

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London Mayor Boris Johnson commissioned development of a Data Dashboard to present data on a range of issues such as crime, transport, jobs, housing, health and environment. See the press release.

"I have always been committed to make City Hall as open and transparent as possible and I am clear that this level of transparency and accountability is essential,” Boris Johnson, the London Mayor said.

Screens in City Hall and a new front page to the existing London Datastore (launched 2010), will present information on a specific policy area. The aim is to offer an overview of the state of the city on any given day.

The dashboard will be available on various platforms. The update to the London Datastore should be available before the start of the Olympic Games, late July.

The Data Dashboard takes the London Datastore further in terms of strengthening public accountability through publishing, in one easy to view place, group performance data.