NASA's New Open Gov Plans

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NASA has renewed its Open Government Plans. The original open government efforts started two years ago, and now an updated version of the plans has been published.

In this infographic you can see what progress was made on the 3 flagship initiatives and 147 goals across 20 organizations the first Open Government Plan contained.

According to Nick Skytland, program manager for open government, writing in the NASA blog "Version 2.0 of our Open Government Plan is meant to serve as a model – not a manual – for what an open government might look like. The Plan includes a new Flagship Initiative that will take a fresh look at the NASA web architecture and processes to manage content in order build an accessible, participatory and transparent web environment based on open and interoperable standards. We will also push forward our Open Data and Open Source efforts, as well as add a new category called “Technology Accelerators” that takes a look at NASA’s commitment to technology development and innovation."

Currently NASA makes some 1000 datasets available through, which it regards as a beginning. Opening more data will stimulate developers, the agency hopes, to build exciting projects on top of NASA data. NASA, in order to stimulate activity around available datasets, participating in the International Space Apps Challenge, in LAUNCH (sustainability focussed private/public partnerships) and in Random Hacks of Kindness, an annual hack-weekend to help build solutions for social goals)

In the coming year NASA intends to provide ten new high-value datasets or information holdings to that have never been released to the public before. Also more research into BigData is on the agenda.

The entire NASA Open Government Plan 2.0 is available at