NESTA, Make It Local Scotland

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NESTA is calling upon local authorities in Scotland to send in proposals for making local government held data open and build services on top of it. NESTA will finance three selected submitted proposals with up to GBP 25.000.

The Make it Local Scotland program aims to show how local authorities can work with digital agencies to unlock their data and provide really useful web-based services for their citizens.

NESTA writes:

"We are looking to support four collaborative ideas from local authorities in Scotland for public data that could be made 'open' and turned into new digital services to benefit local and national communities. NESTA is granting awards of up to £25,000.

To be eligible, Scottish local authorities must collaborate on the ideas with digital media developers.

Our original Make it Local programme resulted in the creation of three new services using library data, land ownership data and contact centre data. You can view the resulting three services here.

For more information on the Make it Local Scotland programme please read the FAQs."

Important dates:

  • Midnight 31 January 2012- applications close
  • 14 February 2012- up to 4 ideas selected and awarded funding
  • By 30 September 2012 the new service is to be created