Norway Opens Authentic Company Data

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The Norwegian open data team at has announced that authentic company data can now be accessed for re-use as open data through an API. In a news item on the Brønnøysundregistrene (the Norwegian company register) website, Director Erik Fossum says this is an important milestone in making data available to citizens for re-use and enabling new solutions and applications.

Authentic data on nearly a million companies is now available through an API, a programmable interface, meaning applications can directly access and search the data through simple automatic requests.

Chris Taggart of, a platform seeking to combine authentic company data from around the world and providing a unique company URI for all corporate identities, is equally enthusiastic about this step and hopes it will motivate other European countries to do the same. In a benchmark comparison he made the Norwegian data release puts Norway firmly in first position when it comes to opening up authentic company data.

The data is available through and the Norwegian data hotel, and published under the Norwegian open data license.