OKFN Launches Open Data Census

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The Open Knowledge Foundation has started a crowdsourcing initiative to establish for a number of key data sets if and how they are available in countries around the globe.

The datasets have been chosen for their breadth and relevance.These datasets are selected as most governments could reasonably can be expected to collect them. The ten datasets are:

  1. Election Results (national)
  2. Company Register
  3. National Map (Low resolution: 1:250,000 or better)
  4. Government Budget (high level – spending by sector)
  5. Government Budget (detailed – transactional level data)
  6. Legislation (laws and statutes)
  7. National Statistical Office Data (economic and demographic information)
  8. National Postcode/ZIP database
  9. Public Transport Timetables
  10. Enviornmental Data on major sources of pollutants (e.g. location, emissions)

For each dataset, it is explored whether it is:

  • available in a digital form
  • machine-readable
  • publicly available, free of charge
  • openly licensed

A yes to all of these questions implies that the dataset is open data.

You can read more about the OKFN Census in their blog.

You can contribute to the census by adding what you know about the mentioned datasets in your country via this form.