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Open Data Albania

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The Open Data Albania platform aims at more transparency and democratic control.

Tirana, 23 March 2011

(by Ton Zijlstra)

About two months ago the Open Data Albania project site was launched. The project aims to make available statistics and data about various themes, such as education, economy, demographics, poverty, science, justice, tourism and agriculture. While there is an existing legal framework for freedom of information and PSI re-use, practice is often not entirely aligned with that framework, and is aiming to bridge that gap. It is a civic initiative, and supported by the Open Society Foundation. Part of the site is a CKAN based data catalogue.

In its effort to increase transparency, and stimulate democratic control and freedom of speech, the website specifically pays attention to presenting information in a way it can also be used by the press. A list of press publications re-using information and data already shows that the press is picking up on this opportunity.

Below is a screenshot of the website's front page, filled with infographics.

Arman Brahaj