Open Data Camp for Development Program Takes Shape

Open Data Camp for Development Program Takes Shape

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The first names of participating organizations at the Open Data Camp for Development are known. is one.

Amsterdam, 05 April 2011

(by Ton Zijlstra)

On May 12 and 13th the Open Data for Development Camp will take place, organized by OpenforChange, the the Dutch network for transparency, collaboration and impact in development. This 2-day conference on open data in international development aid, will bring together a diverse crowd of development aid workers, policy-makers, researchers, journalists, IT staff, software developers and service providers:

* A round-table for decision-makers: introducing key concepts, threats and opportunities, discussing conditions and policies to introduce open data in an organisation, and expected added value and return on investment.

* Clinics and workshops for practitioners: defining open data and data sets, presenting best practices and lessons learned, developing a joint open data policy and privacy framework for programmes and projects, and learning about data-driven journalism and communication.

* Hack days and code sprints for developers: dealing with repositories and registries, supporting standards and APIs, publishing and reusing data sets, linking open data, and developing tools, apps and mash-ups.

The first names of contributing organizations and groups have been announced. The team will be present to raise awareness on the purpose and value of re-using open government data. AKVO, AidInfo, Dutch Royal Tropical Institute, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs are also participating.

Registration for the event is open.