Open Data Challenge Sees 430 Entries

Open Data Challenge Sees 430 Entries

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The Open Data Challenge has resulted in 430 entries into the competition.

Luxembourg, 6 June 2011

(by Ton Zijlstra)

The Open Data Challenge organized in the run-up to the Digital Agenda Assembly taking place next week has resulted in 430 entries into the competition. These entries have been made in four categories:

Ideas – Anyone could suggest an idea for projects which reuse public information to do something interesting or useful.

Apps – Teams of developers could submit working applications which reuse public information.

Visualisations – Designers, artists and others could submit interesting or insightful visual representations of public information.

Datasets - The submission of any form of open datasets produced by public governmental bodies, either submitted directly by the public body or by developers or others who have transformed, cleaned or interlinked the data.

In the coming days judging will be taking place, by a long list of people involved in open data from around Europe.

The award ceremony will take place at the plenary session at the first European Digital Agenda Assembly with awards handed to the winners by Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes (who recently blogged about the competition here).