PSI Scoreboard now features all member states

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UK 2nd, Austria 4th. All EU Member state data now available in PSI Scoreboard

The PSI Scoreboard, our benchmark tool for comparing the status of PSI re-use and Open Data in all EU member states has been completed by adding the data for Austria, Czech Republic and the UK. Also you're able to download all PSI Scoreboard data in an excel file. For all the data, comparison tools and more on the PSI Scoreboard, please visit our special PSI Scoreboard pages:

The UK is doing extremely well with 405 points, tied with the Netherlands for 2nd place. Czech republic has a midrange overall score with 240 points and Austria came in at 390 points for fourth place, just above Denmark and Spain.

The PSI Scoreboard is a 'crowdsourcing tool'. If you have any information to update the scoreboard, we invite you to please get in touch with us through the 'contact us' section of this website. We'll update the scoreboard if necessary!