Public Staff Knows Open Data, Not Its Benefits

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A December 2012 survey just published shows there's a knowledge gap in the UK public sector when it comes to understanding open data and its potential.

Key highlights of the survey include:

  • 78% do not know about government plans for open data and the benefits that follow
  • Only 52% recognised that ready access to data and data standards will generate new
    enterprises, jobs and services in the public and private sectors
  • 57% do not know how to access data sets, how to interpret them or how to best apply
    data standards
  • Over 75% do not know what data is available outside their department to help develop
    new solutions for service delivery
  • 66% said they did not understand their role in delivering the open data agenda
  • An overwhelming 72% recognised that knowing how to access, share and use data will be
    increasingly important over the next three years.

The survey has been published at Listmedia, and there is a summary available in PDF.