Slovenia Opens Budget Data

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The Slovenian Ministry of Finance has published the Budget Data - The Budget Law for 2013-2014 - in open, machine-readable format (.csv).

The press release (by the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, which is in charge of the policy concerning re-use) in Slovenian, including relevant links, is published here. It welcomes the data release by the Slovenian Finance Ministry, and uses the opportunity to restate its commitment to open data, and calling upon public sector bodies to pro-actively get involved with opening up government data for re-use.

(machine translation)
"Ministry of Justice and Public Administration at the same time calls on other bodies, in accordance with the principle of openness as far as possible, to the extent possible and appropriate (a prerequisite to a general-accessible data), publish information and documents in open formats, and so enable the public to obtain public information in a simple way to re-use." "In accordance with the Law on Access to Public Information Act, the purpose of which is to ensure public and open functioning of the institutions, bodies shall endeavor to make it as much data available to the public."

The press release also refers to a recent report the ePSIplatform wrote on the re-use of Budget Data.

The budget data can be found at the website of the Ministry of Finance, both the data for 2013 and the data for 2014.