Swedish Post Cease and Desist Letter on Postcodes

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Postcodes are a regular source of confrontation when it comes to data re-use. This time the Swedish government owned mail company Posten AB has sent a cease and desist letter to the service postnummer.info.

Postnummer.info provided a JSON API to retrieve street addresses by postcode. The site now shows a message the service has been taken down after receiving the cease and desist letter of Posten AB, although it does provide a link to the code and material needed to run the same functionality yourself on GitHub.

Postnummer.info says Posten AB claims as grounds that Postnummer.info has copied the zip code database and republished it. Something that Postnummer.info denies, saying they provide simply a different way of interacting through an API with the information Posten AB itself publishes publicly on the web.

Earlier we've reported on similar legal action concerning postcodes in the Netherlands, and Canada and the UK.