Topic Report: Data Wrangling

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Data wrangling, the processes of searching, finding, retrieving, cleaning, formatting, analysing and presenting data, is becoming increasingly central to individuals and institutions dealing with ever-increasing information flows. Given both its quality and quantity, the opening of PSI data for re-use both necessitates the use of data wrangling tools and allows for new, innovative solutions to be created through these processes, e.g. through combining and mashing up previously isolated, compartmentalised datasets. These can ideally help increase citizen participation, improve PSB service delivery, increase transparency and good governance as well as open up new commercial possibilities. Due to the increasing centrality of complex data sets and information flows to all aspects of life, from the mundane checking of bus timetables to coordinating the fight against global pandemics, managing PSI through improved data wrangling is not merely a nice luxury but rather an inescapable necessity.

Topic Report: Data Wrangling Tools