UK + 10 days

UK + 10 days

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What is Being Said? ‘More Press Coverage of the UK’

London: 1 February 2010

Following the UK Cabinet Office’s announcement on the launch of the one-stop shop for data –, the ePSIplatform has been publishing collations of press coverage. This is the 3rd edition (previous editions: UK + 2 days; UK + 6 days).


“The site called contains more than 2500 sets of data from across government. All of the data is non-personal and in a format that can be reused by any individual or business to create innovative new software tools, such as applications about house prices, local amenities and services, or access to local hospitals.”

  • See for blogs, forum and ideas about how data is and can be used.

Now, 10 days on since the launch the international press coverage continues and here is the latest 3rd collation.


29 January 2010 - Talis Nodalities Blog (From Semantic Web to Web of Data)

We’re Excited

28 January 2010 - European Public Sector Information Guest Blogger, Audrey Mandela, Locus Association (UK)

PSI — The Next Ten Years

28 January 2010 - Fee Our Data Blog

A new No.10 petition: free PostZon

28 January 2010 -

Berners-Lee takes on Whitehall Windows

28 January 2010 – Guardian Open Platform

Making things with - Part 1

27 January 2010 - Prospect

Prospect talks to the father of the world wide web

26 January 2010 - Jeni's Musings Blog

Why Linked Data for

26 January 2010 - inkdroid and rdfa

26 January 2010 - Digital Engagement Blog

Applications: the real stars of the launch

22 January 2010 - Blog Government 2.0 Network Germany eV

Briten stellten Obamas in den Schatten (German language)

Britons put Obama portal in the shadows (English translation)

22 January 2010 – The Telegraph Top Ten Apps so far

22 January 2010 - The

Panel Discussion - the Power of Apps (Filmed live at the launch of

20 January 2010 - The Next

UK Government joins the open data revolution

Starting 21 January 2010 - w3c egovernment discussion list

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Collation by the European Public
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