UK Land Registry Releases Data Free of Charge

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The UK Land Registry as of 30 January is giving access to their monthly transaction data free of charge. This is to be followed by the release of 'Price Paid' data in March 2012.

This is a further step in the UK government's efforts to make key data sets available to the public.

The data is published under the UK's Open Government License.

The transaction data now available is described as:
"The data published on this page gives you information about the number and types of applications that we receive. It is updated monthly and provides the:

  • number and types of applications by all account customers
  • number and types of transactions for value by all account customers
  • number of applications in England and Wales divided by region and local authority district
  • number of searches by all account customers."

The 'price paid' data will contain:

"From March 2012 we will release each month the latest monthly residential property price data for all of the residential property sales in England and Wales that are lodged with us for registration. The data will include:

  • the full address of the property (Primary addressable object name (PAON), Secondary addressable object name (SAON), street, postcode, locality (if available), town, district, county)
  • the price paid for the property
  • the date of transfer
  • the property type (Detached, Semi, Terraced, Flat/Maisonette)
  • whether the property is new build or not
  • whether the property is freehold or leasehold."