University of Southampton Open Data Site Launch

University of Southampton Open Data Site Launch

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Today will see the launch of the open data portal of the University of Southampton (UK)

Southampton, 7 March 2011

The launch of an open data portal site for the University of Southampton is set for later today. On the current place holder page the rationale for opening up data is explained:

"The executive summary: There's data we have which isn't in any way confidential which is of use to our members, visitors, and the public. If we make the data available in a structured way with a license which allows reuse then our members, or anyone else, can build tools on top of it without needless bureaucracy. That's common sense. We call it "Open Data"."

The data in the portal will be made available as linked data, and the site will have a SPARQL endpoint.

The academic world is increasingly involved in opening up data. Even though not covered by the PSI Directive, academic institutions, in the light of government bodies opening up data, as well as in the light of the open access discussions in academic publishing, are opening up their data.

UPDATE 13:45 CET: The website is now officially launched, and a press statement was released stating "The University of Southampton is pioneering an open data revolution with the publishing of its non-personal data online to provide potential students with information that will help them make a choice about what and where to study."

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