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Talk with OPSI John Sheridan on e-Government, Open Data and Linked Data published

Birmingham: 22 July 2009

The Talis Nodalities blog has published a 37 minute audio interview with John Sheridan, Head of e-Services at the UK Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) about e-Government, Open Data and Linked Data. The conversation was recorded on Wednesday 22 July 2009. The conversation touches on the following topics:

  • Cabinet Office
  • Creative Commons
  • Crown Copyright
  • Directgov
  • Governments CIO's Council
  • hmg.gov.uk
  • London Gazette
  • My Society
  • The National Archives
  • Obama’s memorandum on Transparency and Open Government
  • Office of Public Sector Information
  • OPSI’s Click-Use licenses
  • OPSI’s non-transactional license draft
  • PerSpectives blog
  • The Power of Information report
  • RDF
  • RDFa, and my podcast with Mark Birbeck
  • Wiki-Government
  • Improving Access to Government through Better Use of the Web

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