A Year of Open Data in the EMEA Region

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The latest monthly topic report on A year of Open Data in the EMEA region has just been published.

The report explores the latest improvements on the Open Data arena in Europe and the surrounding EMEA region (Europe, Middle East Asia and Africa) during the year that is ending. The report will build on the findings from the recently released Open Data Barometer study (Davies, 2013) – a project conducted by the World Wide Web Foundation and the Open Data Institute to uncover the true prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world analysing global trends via an in depth methodology – as well as the continuous observatory mechanism provided by the ePSI Platform (epsiplatform.eu) to identify and monitor the main sources of Open Data and PSI related news and innovations at the European level. In addition, the report also explores the main new global alliances and projects that will have a relevant impact on open data policies and practices at the European countries and the rest of the EMEA region throughout the New Year..