People make PSI re-use move forward in Europe. Civil servants, and policy makers, coders and hackers, activists and academics, entrepreneurs and content producers, you all make sure things happen.

So, it's important to know who in your area is involved in PSI re-use, and be able to have discussions and conversations.
The ePSIplatform is not just a place for news and article therefore, but also a place for you to meet and interact.

Members can share their personal opinions on PSI re-use in their own blog postings. And you can find other members of the ePSIplatform, by searching for them by name. You as a member can also join groups and form groups, public ones or closed ones, so you can have conversations with people around the topics that interest you.

Below are the latest joining members, and the latest blog postings written by members of ePSIplatform.