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Post date 29-01-2015

Spatial data is integral to many of our human... more

OpenData Netherlands
Post date 28-01-2015

With this in mind, a new report has been... more

Post date 28-01-2015

The recommendation documents are as follows:... more

Innovation of Dutch press and journalism
Post date 28-01-2015

A total of €400,278 will be paid to these... more

Open Civic Data project
Post date 28-01-2015

Over the last 18 months, Sunlight implemented... more

Royal Statistical Society
Post date 28-01-2015

In the manifesto, released in September 2014,... more

Post date 28-01-2015

The project, which involves 50 partners (from... more

HOMER Manifesto
Post date 27-01-2015

This manifesto is open to be endorsed by any... more