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Benchmarking open data automatically
Post date 27-01-2015

‘Benchmarking Open Data’ means evaluating and... more

Open Data Inside
Post date 27-01-2015

This badge aims to emphasise the economic... more

France Open Data
Post date 27-01-2015

The investment is related to a call for... more

Post date 26-01-2015

Currently, the PSI Directive does not oblige... more

Open Data Barometer
Post date 26-01-2015

The Open Data Barometer aims to uncover the... more

Parliamentary data openness in 6,300 Czech municipalities
Post date 26-01-2015

In order to do that more effectively, this... more

Post date 26-01-2015

The goal of the... more

Post date 19-01-2015

In a recent press release, LVNL claim to be ... more

Registry of Companies' Accounts in Slovakia
Post date 14-01-2015

Information such as contact details, NACE code... more