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Post date 01-04-2015

The funding (up to €100,000) has no thematic... more

Open Trend Report
Post date 31-03-2015

The report starts by outlining the... more

Post date 31-03-2015

The conference is welcoming the submission of... more

Cologne Open Data Portal
Post date 31-03-2015

Cologne has been providing its administrative... more

UK Government
Post date 27-03-2015

They set a presumption in favour of disclosure... more

Almere Open Data
Post date 25-03-2015

The initiative was presented in a meeting on... more

Mike Bracken
Post date 25-03-2015

Bracken will be responsible for developing a... more

Public Sector Data Hubs
Post date 25-03-2015

The inventory compiled by more