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London Data Maps
Post date 28-11-2014

The data maps have been released in the new... more

Dutch Water Boards release results as Open Data
Post date 27-11-2014

Huub Hieltjes, member of the governing board... more

Post date 26-11-2014

There are currently 78 Arnsberg-related... more

Mobi Data LR
Post date 25-11-2014

The theme of the contest is "the daily journey... more

CitySDK Cookbook
Post date 25-11-2014

The Cookbook showcases the experiences of... more

Large Hadron Collider Data
Post date 24-11-2014

The first high-level and analysable collision... more

Aragon Open Data
Post date 17-11-2014

This initiative is the latest in the series of... more

British Standards Institution (BSI)
Post date 17-11-2014

The ‘PAS 182 Smart City data concept model’... more

ePSI Tour
Post date 14-11-2014

The tour will bring together local... more