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Open Data in Slovakia
Post date 05-03-2015

The consultation, which was set up by the ... more

Open Culture Romania
Post date 04-03-2015

The report analyses the European context,... more

Post date 03-03-2015

These best practices will facilitate... more

Open Data Strategy for Northern Ireland
Post date 03-03-2015

The strategy will put in place public/private... more

Italian Datasets
Post date 03-03-2015

The report is one of the key materials for the... more

Post date 03-03-2015

Saxony's Minister of the Interior, Markus... more

Crime as a Service
Post date 03-03-2015

Among the key trends for the future of serious... more

Piemonte region
Post date 03-03-2015

The goal of the website is to aid local Public... more

Open Data Lecce
Post date 02-03-2015

The contest is open to European citizens (over... more