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illegal dumping areas in Kosovo
Post date 22-05-2015

The initiative is the result of data collected... more

Open Data Barometer
Post date 22-05-2015

ODB aims to uncover the true prevalence and... more

Post date 19-05-2015

Research papers and projects will be... more

Schema 2.0
Post date 19-05-2015 provides a collection of schemas... more

Spain bibliographic heritage
Post date 19-05-2015

The funding aims to remove barriers in... more

Open Data Handbook
Post date 18-05-2015

The Open Data Handbook, originally published... more

Post date 14-05-2015

The post has been published on... more

Data for Policy
Post date 13-05-2015

The research has examined a number of relevant... more

Post date 13-05-2015

Members of the Europeana Network are working... more

UK Open Data strategy
Post date 12-05-2015

The main conclusions drawn by Andy, a lecturer... more