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Post date 25-02-2015

Despite using email and search engines as... more

Post date 23-02-2015

One of OpenDataMonitor’s main goals is to... more

Open Data Romania
Post date 20-02-2015

The live transmission of the conference is... more

20 ways to connect Open Data and Local Democracy
Post date 20-02-2015

Following the workshop, held on 7 February... more

Gender of the streets in Montpellier
Post date 20-02-2015

Using 2 different colours (blue for men and... more

France Opens Public Transport Data
Post date 20-02-2015

The amendment provides an obligation for... more

Post date 20-02-2015

LIDER's members invite you to give feedback in... more

The World Bank
Post date 20-02-2015

The WDI Database Archives (WDI-DA) contain... more

Dutch Government
Post date 20-02-2015

Following this initial upgrade, further... more