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Gold mining crowd-sourcing data analysis challenge
Post date 30-06-2015

Anyone can participate in the challenge, with... more

Post date 29-06-2015

It is hoped that by making satellite imagery... more

OpenScienceLink platform
Post date 25-06-2015

OpenScienceLink introduced a holistic approach... more

Post date 25-06-2015

Since its original release, EDM has permeated... more

Global Editors Network,
Post date 25-06-2015

The Jury selected... more

European Commission
Post date 25-06-2015

That’s according to European Commissioners... more

SNCF launches API
Post date 15-06-2015

The API has been initially launched in a beta... more

Intelligent Mobility data index
Post date 15-06-2015

The motivation behind the creation of the... more