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European Commission
Post date 21-10-2014

The following presentations made by various... more

The Open Access Button
Post date 21-10-2014

When a user searches for a research article,... more

Post date 21-10-2014

The app's developers are encouraging anyone... more

Open Data Institute
Post date 20-10-2014

The Open Business UK list, to be published in... more

Post date 20-10-2014

The grants serve to support the goals of the... more

European Medicines Agency
Post date 09-10-2014

The EMA Management Board unanimously adopted... more

Forcing banks to publish turnover and taxes will help the economy: PwC
Post date 08-10-2014

The study states that releasing data such as... more

Post date 06-10-2014

Having opened in July, the consultation is... more

France Transport Data
Post date 03-10-2014

These datasets are expected to be made fully... more