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Romania OGP Plan
Post date 23-02-2016

The Romanian Department for Design and Online... more

Lüneburg Open Data
Post date 23-02-2016

The portal relies technologically in the... more

European Data Portal
Post date 22-02-2016

Created in 2006 as ‘ePSI Plus’, the platform... more

Post date 22-02-2016

The number of datasets available on the portal... more

Sevilla Open Data Portal
Post date 17-02-2016

Before the launch, Sevilla was one of the... more

Le Groupe La Poste
Post date 17-02-2016

Data currently available on the portal... more

OpenDatathon Valencia
Post date 16-02-2016

The event is being organised by the DataUPV... more

Post date 09-02-2016

The webinar showcased the main features and... more