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The ePSIplatform publishes Topic Reports in a monthly rhythm. They cover various aspects of PSI re-use in more depth (countries, specific policy issues, forms of re-use etc.), and can be written by both members from our team as well as external authors and experts. If you want to suggest a topic for one of the Topic Reports, please use the contact form. We welcome your feedback!

Posted on 26/03/2014
Country: Czech Republic
Tags: Czech Republic, Government
Posted on 03/03/2014
Country: International
Tags: Government, International
Posted on 22/01/2014
Country: Europe
Tags: Communication Technologies, Computational tools, Environment and Energy, Europe, GIS, natural hazards, Open data, Science and Technology
Posted on 08/01/2014
Country: Europe, International
Tags: Country Specific Reports, EMEA region, epsi platform, Europe, European Commission, Global Open Data Initiative, Government, International, Open data, Open Data Barometer, Open Government Partnership, Open Knowledge Foundation, State of the Art, web foundation, World Bank
Posted on 26/11/2013
Country: Europe
Tags: data standards, Economics and Finance, Europe, fiscal transparency, Government, international initiatives, Legislation, Open Government Data
Posted on 23/10/2013
Country: Europe
Tags: Europe, Government, OGP, Open data, Open Government Partnership
Posted on 30/09/2013
Country: Europe
Tags: Data Catalogue, Europe, Science and Technology
Posted on 29/08/2013
Country: Europe
Tags: Economics and Finance, Europe, Open Government
Posted on 07/07/2013
Country: International
Tags: data journalism, International, Science and Technology, visualization
Posted on 26/06/2013
Country: Europe
Tags: Economics and Finance, Europe, funding
Posted on 29/05/2013
Country: Europe
Tags: Accountability, Cities and Open Data, citizen engagement, Europe, Financial transparency, Legislation, Parliament
Posted on 29/04/2013
Country: Spain
Tags: Economics and Finance, Spain
Posted on 28/02/2013
Country: International
Tags: Developing Countries, Development, economic impact, Government, International, OGD, OGP, Open Aid, Open data
Posted on 26/02/2013
Country: International
Tags: Australia, Information Commissioner, International, Opendata, PSI re-use, report, Science and Technology, Survey
Posted on 30/01/2013
Country: Europe
Tags: Data Catalogue, Europe, Government, Open data, Open Data portal, PSI, PSI Directive, PSI reuse, Public Sector, public sector information, technology