Transport Data Workshop Proceedings

On 17 September the ePSIplatform workshop 'Transport Data - fueling mobility of the future and smart cities' took place in Helsinki, at the Sitra building of the Finnish Innovation Fund.

33 participants from 15 nations gathered to discuss the current situation in opening up transport data across Europe, the dreams and potential as well as the barriers and possible types of solutions to overcome them.

The proceedings of the workshop are published here.

The Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto

The primary output of the workshop is the Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto. The Manifesto is both a text document and an infographic, both embedded below. The document is also attached for download and available on Scribd. Both an A3 version (100MB on Scribd) as well as a lightweight pdf version (4MB, attached and onScribd) and a PNG (3MB on Flickr) of the infographic are available for you to download, embed and re-use.

Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto

Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto

Proceedings, videos of the workshop

Before the start participants completed the sentence "To me transport data are like ....... because ......." The answers that all participants provided can be found in the slides below.

After a plenary introduction and discussion with Gzim Ocakoglu (Team Leader Intelligent Transport Systems, DG MOVE, European Commission), Alf Petersson (Senior Advisor ITS Swedish Transport Administration), and Stefan de Konink (OpenOV Netherlands) the participants worked in groups in two rounds.

In the first round groups collected their 'open transport data dreams' and which barriers are preventing those dreams to come true (some of which were marked as specific to transport). In the second round these barriers were discussed and possible ways to overcome them collected. This resulted in recommendations to help bring transport data forward.

Groups presenting output of Round 1 and Round 2 (per group)

After each round the results were presented in a plenary session.
At the first day of the OKFestival, the output of the workshop was presented by Marc de Vries and Pieter Colpaert and opened up for comment. In combination, these results and recommendations have been combined into the Helsinki Transport Data Manifest.